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Healing Hair, Touching Hearts and Transforming Lives

Holistic Beauty and Haven, LLC is located in Woodbridge, Va. We specialize in Sisterlocks™, other types of Locs, Aromatherapy, Yoga and Transformational Coaching using the Enneagram System.


Our vision is to take care of our clients holistically (Spirit, Soul and Body), and our Mission is to create and cultivate Sacred and Nourishing Spaces for the purposes of tangible Transformation and Growth.

Sisterlocks/Loc Establishment & Maintenance

During our personalized consultation, we meet with new clients to conduct a thorough assessment of their hair and scalp so we can offer applicable solutions, suggestions, or recommendations that will enhance the health of their hair and get them ready for their loc journey.

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We pride ourselves in using organic and natural ingredients in our products to provide the needed cleansing, nourishment and strength to our client’s hair and scalp needs. Because of our knowledge in Aromatherapy, we are fully aware of the wonderful therapeutic effects of these oils and also of their contraindications. Check out our product section to see our selection.

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Yoga is an ancient practice that promotes mental and physical well-being through movement, meditation/contemplation, mindfulness and breathing techniques. I enjoy creating sacred and nurturing spaces for my students to practice yoga be it one-on-one or group sessions. There is a place for everyone regardless of where you are in your practice.

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Transformational Coach

I gently walk with people who are on the transformational/healing path. I use the enneagram, which is an ancient spiritual and psychological tool which has been referred to as the “GPS of Wisdom".


Our interactions will be virtual using Zoom video conferencing.

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