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Transformational Coach

I gently walk with people who are on the transformational/healing path using the enneagram( an ancient spiritual and psychological tool which has been referred to as the “GPS of Wisdom), and years of personal experience and training in Christian Prayer/Inner healing Ministry.

In my own experience, the use of the enneagram continually reveals to me what my blind spots are and gives me tools to make clear and conscious choices that have helped improve my personal and business relationships.

Our interactions will be virtual using Zoom video conferencing.

What is the Enneagram?


The enneagram, dates back from at least 2,000 years ago and has its roots in Asia and the Middle East, and derives its name from the Greek words ennea ('nine') and gram (something written down or drawn). The term refers to the nine points or numbers of the Enneagram system seen in the enneagram symbol.

This ancient system offers profound insights into the different ways in which people think, feel and behave. Each enneagram style is connected to a specific high-impact development path. Thus, the accurate identification of your Enneagram style is important if you want to grow and develop as a leader and as a person.

This tool is also effective for TEAM BUILDING because it unveils nine distinct ways of seeing the world. As a result of this, the strengths and challenges  of nine personality traits in the workplace are identified. This insight helps build the emotional harmony of the team, reduce conflict and promote high levels of productivity. 


It is also an effective tool for Groups, Companies, Churches etc. who are interested in welcoming diversity and maximizing each person's highest contribution. 

Who Benefits from the Enneagram Coaching?

If you are looking at growing personally and/or professionally

If you would like to become more aware of your blind spots or unconscious behaviors and gain tools to make better choices

If you would like to understand the underlying motivations of your actions

If you would like to identify and understand your own and other people’s pattern of thinking, feeling and behaving 

If you would like the tools for building and maintaining better relationships

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