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Holistic Hydration (8 oz)

Holistic Hydration (8 oz)

An advanced essential oil infused solution that moisturizes, strengthens, conditions and refreshes hair, locks or scalp.

Key Benefits

  • Heals hair by providing advanced nourishment and moisture.

  • Prevents hair breakage, shedding and thinning.

  • Softens hair and makes it easy to style.

  • Rejuvenates your hair and locs without leaving any residue or build up.

  • Promotes hair growth and have stress relieving properties.

  • Helps tame frizz.



Spray on hair/scalp as needed.



Distilled H20, Organic Hydrosols, 100% Natural Oils, Organic Essential Oils, Aloe Barbadensis and an advanced moisturizing agent.

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