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Anna is the absolute best!

Anna is the absolute best! From start to finish, she listened to and addressed any questions/concerns that I had. After 2 sets of traditional locs, it was extremely important to me to find the right sisterlock consultant to go on this journey with me and I am so blessed to have found Anna!
After doing my due diligence reading articles, blogs, watching countless videos, I decided to call, text, email, and leave messages for almost 10 consultants in my area that I retrieved from the sisterlock website. I had even went as far as scheduling my consultation with someone else because I was so anxious to get the ball rolling before my birthday if at all possible.
AND THEN... Anna called me back!
Hey voice was so soothing that my anxiety level went down a few notches and I gravitated towards her, honestly moreso that the consultant I had already scheduled my consultation with. Needless to say, I unfortunately I felt that I had to cancel my previous appointment but I subsequently scheduled my consultation with Anna!
When I met Anna in person, it was no surprise to me that her demeanor on the phone transcended on a whole different level. She was calm, as sweet as can be and very attentive to my past hair history as well as my future healthy hair objectives. She asked probing questions and thoroughly answered any questions/concerns I had at that time. As she did a physical assessment of my hair we were still conversing and surprisingly to me she stated that she had just installed my test locs which was done so quickly with no pulling or indication that she was doing anything other than looking at the condition of my hair...I was so impressed! We moved forward with scheduling my install dates.
Anna's studio is so peaceful and relaxing which made the atmosphere ideal for being there for an extended amount of time. My installation took about 12 hours to complete. During that time, my conversations with Anna were quite enjoyable, even very funny at times making the time fly by quickly.
When my install was complete and I saw it for the first time, I literally cried! I couldn't believe how beautiful my hair was! It's kind of hard to explain, but I felt like a totally different person... completely liberated in that moment!
It's been a little over 4 weeks and I just had my first retie done. I loved my hair then but I love it even moreso now! It is flourishing developing a personality of its own! Even in between reties, Anna has been there every step of the way addressing my questions/concerns in a prompt and very thoughtful manner.
I could go on and on about my experience with my Anna! She is an absolute rock star! Getting sisterlocks is the BEST decision I have made for my hair by far and I am so elated that I chose Anna as I embrace my sisterlock journey!


Anna is the absolute best!
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